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What's involved?

After going through your background and your goals in detail, we begin with muscle testing to find your strongest/weakest points and any muscular imbalances in order to design your training program.

We assess how you move and what functional training you might need to improve your biomechanics.

We take your measurements, including body fat percentage.

Our Personal Health App uses 15 different branches of science to measure everything about your genetic makeup. This allows us to know what training style is best for your body, what time of day is ideal for your body to train, what foods you should eat and avoid and at what time, when you should sleep, rest, interact and many other things.

You may choose to have a Blood Chemical Analysis performed to check over 58 of your blood markers.

From here, your complete program is designed, including all aspects of training, nutrition and lifestyle.


You are shown what exercises to do and how to do them in order to get the results you want, with your health being priority one. 

You workout 1-on-1 with our coaches at least once per week with additional workouts completed in your own. Everything is recorded and measured to ensure constant progress.