PH360 - Personal Health & Wellness

Have you ever wondered....

How it is possible for one person to follow a specific program or diet and attain amazing results, but the same thing doesn't work for you? How can someone else diet religiously for months on end but you can't last more than a few days? How come some people can eat more than others without gaining weight, or why can diets turn into eating disorders for certain people and not others?

How come some peopler are just "morning people" and others perform better at night, some are good and endurance training, others respond better to HIIT, some can lift weights and gain size while others struggle? 


Your epigenetics, neurology (yes, your brain can block you from losing weight by changing its levels of leptin, dopamine and more), DNA, hormones and many other personal factors influence what will - and won't - work for you. 

We believe that every person is different.  Every person has a unique body and brain that needs to be approached differently when it comes to training, nutrition and overall wellbeing. Factors such a sleep, lifestyle, times of day to eat and train, specific foods and even location play a part in what is ideal for your own personal, optimal health.

And this is the problem with modern diets, weight loss programs, pre-written or generic programs, they take none of that into account. 











JUST STRONG uses a personalised health system called PH360, integrating 15 different branches of science, 10,000+ data points and 500+ physical measurement ratios to calculate your unique Body Profile and determine exactly what your body needs. 


You can expect to be provided    with the most comprehensive training, nutrition, health and lifestyle plan you have ever received, and you will get  fitter, stronger, leaner and healthier - guaranteed!

The points to the right summarise the level of detail you can expect to receive about yourself. Want to know more about the specific sciences used to figure this out? Click the image below for detailed information.

Powerful Data

10,000+ data points and 500+ physical measurement ratios calculate your unique Body Profile. Complex algorithms translate the distinct relationship between your body’s measurements and physical traits to its physical functions, hormone secretions, metabolism, and lifestyle preferences.

Visual Tracker

Track your progress – BMI, BFI, water content, lean muscle mass, fitness index, weight, and measurements represented in a simple visual graph.

Personalised Fitness

Exercises designed for your body and goals specifically

Foods to Eat & Avoid

Over 700 food items ranked for your health and wellness.

Thought Explainer

Up to 24 specific insights into your neurotransmitters, hormones, and thought processes.

Vacation Planning

Plan vacations according to your Body Profile and circadian rhythm. Discover the time and place to go for rapid rejuvenation.

Environmental Insight

Learn 6+ specific environmental components most influential for your health.

Skill Calculator

Target up to 18 natural talents so you can tailor your career to suit you.

Social Compass

Discover the social interactions that will energise you, and those that will drain you.

What Should You Expect

to Receive....